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Out of Bounds (rule 27.1)
  • A ball lying inside the boundry fence/railings surrounding the clubhouse.
  • A ball lying outside the fence on the 17th & 18th fairway.
Movable Obstruction (rule 24.1)
  • Rakes & stones in bunkers, direction & care of course signs.
Immovable Obstructions (rule 24.2)
  • Fixed tree guards or staked trees. Concrete foundations or emplacement, artificially surfaced paths, or a ball within two club lengths of a tarmac road, including the road to the right of the 3rd & in front of the 14th. Distance markers (posts or discs) course furniture ,sheds, fixed signs, sprinkler heads ,electric fencing & water points.
Ground Under Repair (GUR)
  • Clearly defined hoof prints and vehicle tyre marks through the green may be treated as GUR