Royal Curragh Crest

Chairman’s Message

Although we are now closed for the past 11 days, it does seem longer.

However, we do hope you are adhering to the advice of the HSE in this matter by remaining at home and restricting you movements as much as possible.

It is important in any event to keep in communication with friends and family. There are several communication tools you may use to do this.

The most popular communication vehicle is WhatsApp, which you can use to video call family and friends.

Also there is ZOOM which can be accessed at

Alternatively, a simple phone call will often suffice.

Activities at the Club during the past 11 days.


Work continued on the course during the during the last 11 days. Our green keeping staff are working under strict HSE/GUI.ILGU regulatory advice.

Advantage has been taken of the closure to bring forward the hollow coring of the greens scheduled for next September so that there will be no disruption of golf during that period. ( A full report on this will appear shortly on the Website)

Regular mowing continues as grass continues to grow regardless of the pandemic.

Application of nutrients is ongoing as required.

Extensive work on repairing the irrigation system is also taking place.

All this is to ensure that the course is in optimum condition when we can return to golf.


In addition to the course activities some maintenance and repair work is also being undertaken such as painting and cleaning areas that are restrictive during normal times. Hopefully this will ensure everything is in good order when we return.


Finally, on behalf of the Club Committee we hope that you stay healthy and safe during the current unprecedented times, and we look forward to returning to golf as soon as the situation permits



Peter O’Connell