Winter League 2018


1. The competition entry fee of €15 per person is payable THROUGH THE BRS only.

2. Names must be recorded on the WINTER LEAGUE BRS Timesheet dated 25th December 2018 BEFORE playing in a winter league competition in order to record a qualifying Winter League score. The time sheet for the winter league is now open and members can enter the winter league at any time up to
5pm on Thursday 15th November 2018.

3. The Winter League competitions will commence:
Men – Fri 19th, Sat 20th & Sun 21st October 2018
Ladies – Fri 19th, Sat 20th, Sun 21st & Tue 23rd October 2018

4. To have an eligible Winter League Score, competitors MUST HAVE:
a) Booked space on the BRS Competition Timesheet of the Day prior to play
b) Entered and played in their Club Competition of the Day.
c) Recorded their score in the computer for the Competition of the Day. (NB to facilitate administration of the Winter League competition)
d) Returned a Spring League Score Card in the designated box
Men – located in the back hall of the clubhouse.
Ladies – located in the Ladies Locker Room

Failure to fulfil any of the above requirements will result in no Spring League score being recorded

5. Members may return as many Winter league qualifying scores as they like once conditions above are fulfilled.

6. Scores will be displayed on a cumulative basis each week. In the event that frost greens are introduced on any day, each score returned on that day will be reduced by 2 points for equity purposes.

7. The top five aggregate scores from each player will determine the final league positions. Ties will be decided on the best aggregate last four cards,, then the best aggregate last three cards, then the best aggregate last two cards, then the last card, then the last 6,3 & 1 of the last card. if there is still a tie then it will be decided by lot.

8. The top 88 players (Pro rata 3-1 Mens & Ladies based on final Winter League entry) at the end of the league will be drawn into teams (on a graded basis based on exact handicaps) for a grand final team event on December 9th. (FORMAT AND STARTING TIME OF THE FINAL TO BE DECIDED BY THE COMPETITIONS SUB COMMITTEE).

9. All rounds, including the Final, are to be played off Current Club Handicap

10. In the event of a Team member advising their inability to play in the final they will be replaced by the player in the same Handicap Category based on their final league position .

11. In all matters the decision of the Competition Sub Committee will be final.